Catwalk Junkie is a ‘feel good’ fashion brand from Amsterdam. What started in 2009 with just a rack of statement tees and sweats, has now grown into a complete wardrobe of radiant eye-catchers made from top-notch materials. Our designs are the playful accents that provide any look with an outspoken edge.

Catwalk Junkie wants to inspire – never, ever to dictate. We believe that trends only thrive when they’re authentically adapted. When we break free from rules and limitations. When you simply wear whatever makes you glow. Our aim is to encourage women to express themselves freely with designs that convey creativity, positivity, and cheer women into following their own path.

Catwalk Junkie is an infinite pursuit of happiness. We never run out of ideas. Our curiosity is boundless. Driven by passion and inventiveness, we’re always looking for new ways and fresh silhouettes to let women shine from head to toe, all around the world. We always go the extra smile.